Gravity Box is a game where you have to let  the environment rotate (Press Space) to reach the door and win. There are 5 very interesting & fun Levels and many more to come!


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Hey, that's a really nice idea! But I would like to notify you about 2 problems I found:

-The collider on the door is slightly smaller than the door graphic itself, so I can't pass the level just by touching the door.

-Sometimes holding down space doesn't completely freeze the player, and just slows it down. Consider setting its RigidBody to "kinematic" as long as space is held down.

Sorry for the late Reply.

Thank you very much, I didn't know that setting the Rigidbody to kinematic would solve the problem (I'm just a hobby developer). And the intention was that you have to reach the middle of the door to pass the level and not only by touching the door. But I will consider it if I ever keep on developing this game. :)


Nice game, but I wouldn't mind to be able to see the font in the menu screen. :p

thank you! Yeah i know the font isn't as readable as I wanted it to be but other colors just didn't match the style and the overall feeling of the menu!


Make it black, maybe?

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That was pretty cool, and surprisingly challenging.

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it! :)


This was fun and the right amount of challenging.  A really cool concept!  I hope you are able to develop the concept further.

I maybe will develop it further but at the moment i want to create as many prototypes as possible so i can pick the best  concept and focus on it.


This is a really fun game! good luck!

thank you! :)


Fun game! I had some issues with the box getting stuck in corners, and then i was no longer able to rotate the puzzle. But nice work, i enjoyed it!

I'm sorry for the many bugs but it was just a prototype i made for a game jam. It's not really well developed or polished but i hope you enjoyed it anyways. :)

Oh no worries at all just letting you know what I ran into! I am also working on a quick game for this jam so i understand. Cheers


good luck with your game! :)


This game doesn't seem to work for me... it just gives me an empty window with scrollbars.

I found these errors in the console, not sure if they're itch's fault or a problem with your game:

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Hello! I'm really sorry.

I'm not the best at javascript but from what i understand it seems like a browser issue. Some of my friends testet and they all were able to play the game and i myself am able to play it too. And also some other people on itch. Maybe it's something with your browser and webgl?

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I'm playing it from the itch desktop app on linux, so that might be what's broken. I'll try playing it in firefox and seeing if it works!

Edit: It works perfectly in firefox! Nice!

nice to hear that! I hope you enjoyed it :)